Multiple Ip Hosting

network_cablingMultiple IP hosting is the process of assigning different C class IP addresses to each domain names from a single control panel. It is mostly used when an application has to be hosted that requires IP addresses in different subnets. This is an online marketing strategy in which you host different c-class IP addresses across various regional and geographical boundaries to increase customers and traffic generation.

This concept of multiple IP hosting gains a lot of prominence because a website that has links pointing from different related sites located on unique C class IP’s gets a higher ranking to it. That is the reason why many dynamic websites opt for multiple IP hosting. Professionals who deliver the best hosting services to those in need of best rankings and visibility to their sites provide this service. Thereby increasing the overall scope of the website and guarantees a good position among its other competitors.



Don’t look beyond the Kingston SSDnow v300

312801-kingston-ssdnow-v300-series-sv300s3d7-angleThe advantages of buying a Kingston ssdnow V300 far outweigh the investment in a new system. The reason is very simple – you can now transfer your data to an external hard disk without worrying about replacing your entire system.

Kingston has launched its SSD, which is compatible with the older computers. Now, you can also do away with storing your information in bits on various systems and devices because with Kingston’s capacity you will be surprised that everything can be stored in one place and you will still be left with more space to spare.

Other advantages of it are that it is extremely durable and slid in design and snugly fits into the drive and does not move from there. It is also noise free and shock proof. The speed of reading and writing is amazingly fast with 450 MB per second. It comes with a three year warranty and is extremely easy on the pocket.



chainstar_basket_-_stand_mounted_stand_mounted_ A new game was developed sometime in 1926 by some people who were bored with the regular golf. So they combined golf and disk throwing. They started to throw the disc or Frisbee to a point. Instead of bat and ball in golf, it was using hands and the Frisbee. The Frisbee was to be put into a basket. This was called as the Frisbee golf baskets.

Rules that were similar to golf were followed. From one point the Frisbee was thrown and thrown again from the next point and so on till the Frisbee fell into the basket. It was also called as disk golf basket.

There would not be a single basket kept but many. The main thing about the Frisbee golf is it does not require any special landscapes, even ones that are uneven can be used to play the game. You can either fix permanent baskets or take some portable basket along. This outdoor game can be played even at your backyard with the help of the portable baskets.

Ultrasonic insertion of threaded inserts

Threaded inserts may be pressed against the material using ultrasonic insertion if the material is too flimsy. For all sensitive and expensive material which needs to be handled with extra care, ultrasonic insertion is the answer. The process uses vibration and gentle pressure to install the threaded inserts. There is a plastic material which reforms the knurled threaded insert. This will ensure that the insert is properly placed and fastened tightly.

Secure Your Website Creation With WordPress

WordPress offers the most secured way of create a website using wordpress and maintaining a website. However there are little flaws in this giant which can be ironed out with little effort from developer’s side.

> One should not leave the “Admin” username unchanged. Unique usernames and strong passwords provide higher level of protection for your WordPress website

> WordPress should be updated periodically to maintain security standards

> The database table prefixes must be changed from _wp to other unique options. This reduces vulnerability to malicious hackers

> WordPress version information should not be displayed in the website header as it gives more information for potential hackers

How To Find The Best Compound Bow

Before you think which bow would be the best for you, you need to understand that all bows are made differently for different purposes. Also when manufactures are writing their official descriptions you will almost always will think that their bow is the best on the market and nothing better will ever come, but it’s not like that. This is why guys are testing out different bows and they let their users to pick the best compound bow.

There are many reviews and you can write even your own. Actually it’s suggested that you rate those bows that you have used so that way you can help thousands of people by letting them know what kind of experience you had. I gave my personal opinion there and I hope you guys will do it as well.

If you wrote your review or rated any of the bows, please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section.

Thank you!

Polyurethane and the myths that surround high gloss furniture!

Oil based polyurethane is nothing but a simple varnish. Two component Varnishes are more popular in the industry off late. There are a lot of myths related to finishing about this product more so because the chemical components are not visible to the naked eye even if the finishing is! Adding to the woes is the unavailability of accurate information from manufacturers. If you are looking for a paint that gives you a extra high gloss luster, look Chic Paradis. First there is no need to brush along the grain as the wood will soak any which way you brush it in. There is no need to thin the varnish during the first coat because it will anyway act as a binder irrespective of the dilution. When people say not to shake the can to avoid bubbles, it is again a myth as it hardly matters. Thinning with a thinner may make the Polyurethane dry faster but any way dries in two steps like the thinner evaporation and then the varnish actually drying.

Bushboard Worktops- A New Style Statement In Your Kitchen

A worktop in the kitchen and bathroom is an important decision as they will be subjected to the maximum wear and tear. Bushboard is one of UK’s trusted and leading worktop manufactures. They provide a unique and attractive range of worktops, upstands and splashbacks with best quality, performance and durability.

They invest in research and development to innovate new products to enhance the usability and stylish look of worktops in your house. They use the finest quality in material, streamlined production and detailing to deliver the best products to their customers. offering discounts on bushboard worktops.

Being in the business for more than 20 years, they are also committed to the environment for things like waste reduction and recycling. They have more than 100 designs to choose from according the look and finish you want for your kitchen or bathroom. They also have a feature called BB Complete, which ensure proper installation, warranty and maintenance.